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Welcome to St. Patricks Chapel


Why should we save St. Patrick's Chapel?

  • It is the second oldest Catholic worship site in Cecil County, Maryland

  • Built in 1819, the chapel is a testimonial to the impact of the Bill of Rights and the American Constitution. This chapel was built by Irish immigrants working on the Susquehanna canals and the local lumbering industry. In Ireland, the Penal Laws denied suffrage to Catholics. They were not allowed to have schools and the ownership of property was carefully restricted. Rentals and taxes were designed to drive Catholics off the land. In their new country, they had the freedom to worship, and to build their own church, rights guaranteed by the Bill of Rights. It is note worthy that these immigrants, who certainly were not wealthy, used their meager savings to build a worship site, an investment that as Americans they felt secure enough to do.

  • It is one of the oldest public buildings in Cecil County and is part of the heritage and history of the county as well as the state of Maryland.

  • In 1978 the site was considered valuable enough by the state of Maryland to be placed on the register of the Maryland Historic Trust as a historic site.reserving monuments and buildings for the future.

Get Involved

How Can I Help?

We seek your assistance in this valuable project. You can obtain additional information by contacting the Society’s President,

Christopher Quinn, 399 Chandlee Rd. Rising Sun, MD 21911

(410) 320-4303

Also Visit our Facebook page for upcoming events!

Masses are held in March, September and December. Please check our Facebook page for dates. The community is welcome to attend. Other events may be scheduled by contacting Mr. Pare.

We rely on the generosity of our supporters. We are especially grateful to William & Marilyn Pare and Jack Scarbeth who began this labor of love and have continued with it thru trials and tribulations. We are also indebted to our board of directors who keep the vision alive: President Christopher Quinn, Vice-President Mike Crandall, Secretary JoAnne Bierly, Treasurer Corinne Boyd and members Bud McFadden, Susan Miller, Kathy Lay, Ronald Boyd, The Rev. Jay McKee, Tom O'Hara, Jim Zambuto, James Cosgrove, Betty Contino, Bryan and Christine Hild.

The chapel is thankful to St. Kevin's Ancient Order of the Hibernians, the Irish Jasper Greens, Good Shepherd Parish and countless others that donate their time, talent and treasure to ensure that
St. Patrick's Chapel stands for many generations to follow.

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