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Merry Christmas from St. Patrick’s Chapel!

          Friends of St. Patrick’s Chapel UPDATE – Dec. 23, 2019

     There is no doubt that Christmas is a very special time of the year.  With St. Patrick’s Chapel in mind this year’s holiday is simply outstanding.  Given the hustle and bustle of these special days, it is fitting that we pause for a few minutes and simply reflect on the effect that this little chapel has had on our lives.  Twenty years ago it was simply a dilapidated abused little building tucked away in the northwest corner of Cecil County. Then a group of men and women from Cecil and Harford counties recognized the chapel’s historical and religious significance, and after some legal transactions and many fund raising events began the restoration process which literally took place from top to the bottom of the building.

    Who do you thank for this successful restoration effort?  Fortunately there were hundreds of supporters, and if you name a few you run the risk of “ignoring” others.  There were officials at the state, counties and local levels who offered support.  There were corned beef dinners, pies, homemade wine, quilt raffles, and solicitations at many Irish festivals.  We even gave the Irish ambassador a chapel gift at Martin O’Malley’s governor’s office.

    It has been a wonderful trip, and as Chris White’s beautiful sketch above illustrates, it was a beautiful and holy place many years ago, and stands today – thanks to your support – as a testimonial to our belief that this is a holy ground which always welcomes you.  Thank you for your support, and Merry Christmas.

                                                                                                            Bill Paré

                                                                                 St. Patrick’s Chapel Historical Society

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